SitterCentral Placement Testimonials

SitterCentral Miami paired me up with a group of 4 OUTSTANDING Infant Care Specialists. I couldn't thank them enough for introducing me to my “dream team". Very professional and willing to teach me different techniques and even put my son on a schedule! This allowed me to sleep through the night after 2 months. As a first time mother, I definitely recommend the use of an infant care specialist and couldn't have done it without SCM’s expertise!

The Schwartz Family
Miami, Florida

We found our wonderful nanny through SitterCentral Dallas two years ago. The interview process was short and easy for me since most of the pre-screening had already narrowed down the best-matched candidates for our family’s needs. We ended up hiring the first nanny I interviewed and have been extremely happy with her. I initially hired a nanny on my own before my son was born and she quit one week before she was supposed to start, leaving me unexpectedly with my one-week old baby and no help. I called SitterCentral Dallas and had confidence that with their replacement guarantee I wouldn't get stuck again. Within one week, I was already in the trial period with my new nanny. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with SitterCentral Dallas!

The Timon Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 49

Our family has been using SitterCentral Dallas for the past 3 years that we have lived in Dallas. When I call, I know that I will be getting a quality person to take care of my three children. I have met some really neat people who will be a special part of my children’s lives for many years to come. Many, many heartfelt thanks from the Griffith Family!

The Griffith Family
Dallas, Texas

SitterCentral Miami helped my family find a nanny. Before I reached out to them, I spent countless hours trying to find someone and check references, etc. At the end of the day, I realized that we needed help from a professional team to find us the right match for our family. SitterCentral Miami found us someone who really suited our needs. Their staff really paid attention to our needs and our budget. They placed us with a wonderful, caring woman who is now part of our family. I wish I had started with SitterCentral Miami first!

The Gonzalez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 45

As a busy single mom, SitterCentral Dallas has really helped me through the different stages of my children, as they have grown and our schedule has changed over the past five years. They first helped me find a caring and highly qualified full time nanny, so I could get back to work. My full time nanny also helped me manage my household and my stress, making me a better mom. Once my children started school full-time, I called SitterCentral Dallas to help make the transition seamless from full-time to part-time help. I now use the website for night and weekend babysitting help when my part-time nanny is not available. I always call SitterCentral Dallas for all of my family’s babysitting and nanny needs. I never have to worry about the care my children will receive from someone that SitterCentral sends me when I can't be with my children because the quality of the candidates has always been consistently good since we became members 5 years ago.

The Hall Family
Dallas, Texas

I called SitterCentral Miami when my housekeeper gave me two weeks’ notice she was moving back home. Of course, I panicked but their staff really took the time to put me at ease and provided me with lots of candidates to choose from. We now have a lovely lady who comes 4 days a week. We know we can trust and count on her. Thank you SitterCentral Miami!

The Taylor Family
Miami, Florida