SitterCentral Domestic Professional Testimonials

When the family I worked for no longer needed me to care for their children because they were starting school, I went to SitterCentral Miami for help to find a new job. They asked me all the right questions to help me find a position that would be the best fit for me. I now care for two beautiful little girls! To make it even better, the family lives close to me so the commute is very short!

SitterCentral Miami's staff really cared about what I was looking for and made sure I was comfortable with all the duties that the family needed. They were thorough and professional and I would recommend them to any nanny looking for work.

Patricia, Nanny
Miami, Florida

SitterCentral Miami is one of the best agencies I have worked with. The staff is always available. They were there every step of the way, went with me to all my interviews and always made me feel comfortable.

After being placed with a family, they called to check in and make sure that everything was going well and I was happy at my new job. They are really caring and always available to help if I ever have a question or need something. Thank you SitterCentral Miami.

Maritza, Nanny
Miami. Florida
Member 52

I became a sitter member of SitterCentral Dallas in August of 2012 and I only wish I would have known about them sooner. I am currently transitioning from the corporate world to start a home based business. SitterCentral Dallas is a great opportunity to make a lot of money part-time, while building my new business. I especially love being able to add the times and dates I am available to babysit. So whether you’re a college student or a career minded individual, this service will fit your needs.

I am also happy to say that within two short weeks, the SitterCentral Dallas staff found me a nanny job part time for a wonderful family. I have been so happy with my experience. I was impressed with how quickly I was approached with multiple jobs that fit my criteria. The staff has been very friendly and professional. It is obvious that they pride themselves on creating a wonderful experience for both the nanny/babysitter and family. I have told many of my friends and they too are signing up to be a member of SitterCentral Dallas.

Diana, Nanny
Frisco, Texas
Member 199

I am thankful that I found SitterCentral because of how simple they made finding a job that fits my abilities and schedule. I love the communication with the SitterCentral Staff and how helpful they have been. The family that I have been placed with treats me kindly and respectfully. Taking care of 3 children is always busy which always makes working so much fun. The family has met all my work needs and this job placement has been successful. Thank you to SitterCentral!

Lisa, Nanny
Member 57

I became a member of SitterCentral Dallas in April of 2009. I only have good things to say about this agency. As an Infant Care Specialist, it really changed my life and career, both financially and personally. The staff at SitterCentral Dallas have done an excellent job finding the "right fit" (as we say in the "Nanny" business) for me. The families I have worked for and the family I am presently with have shown me so much respect and kindness. I will be forever thankful to SitterCentral Dallas for approving me as a member and helping place me with such wonderful families. I hope to be associated with them for many, many years to come.

Betsy, Infant Care Specialist
Dallas, Texas

I was searching for the right job for quite some time. Then, I heard about SitterCentral Miami and called right away! SitterCentral Miami helped me find a GREAT full-time job taking care of a wonderful home with a really nice family. I am really grateful for all the help they have given me and always recommend them to people that I know are looking for work!

Anna, Housekeeper
Miami, Florida