SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 44

I used this site to find a summer babysitter and loved Catherine! She met all of our expectations and is now a part of our family. We even took her to Kentucky on a family trip! Thanks SitterCentral Dallas.

The Oringer Family
M-Streets, Tx

Working with SitterCentral Miami helped my family find balance in our home. just like it says on their flyers! Trying to find a nanny to care for our 2 daughters was becoming a second job and I just didn't have the time. The staff was efficient and friendly from day one. After interviewing a few of their nannies, I instantly fell in love with Blanca. I thank SitterCentral Miami for all their hard work in finding our "ideal" nanny. Blanca is now part of our family and the girls absolutely love her!

The Rodriguez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 173

SitterCentral has been a part of my life for 3 years now. I love the flexibility it allows me, not to mention the amazing families I get to meet. I love that I could get an after school job, a weekend job, or even go on trips with families! There is truly no other job like this one - it won't even FEEL like working. My life is truly better because of SitterCentral!

Amelia W.

I called SitterCentral Miami when my housekeeper gave me two weeks’ notice she was moving back home. Of course, I panicked but their staff really took the time to put me at ease and provided me with lots of candidates to choose from. We now have a lovely lady who comes 4 days a week. We know we can trust and count on her. Thank you SitterCentral Miami!

The Taylor Family
Miami, Florida
Member 39

SitterCentral Dallas has brought spontaneity back into my life by providing a large selection of highly qualified sitters that can be found at a moments notice. Because of this amazing service, I can now decide in the afternoon that I want to go out that evening and I always know that I'll be able to find a great sitter to stay with my children. Thank you SCD for being there for my family.

The Jackson Family
University Park, Tx
Member 62

SitterCentral Dallas helped me find my current job very quickly! I joined the site, received a call the same day and was interviewed 3 days later by a SitterCentral Dallas staff member. I had two different job placement opportunities by the end of the next week. I interviewed for both jobs and accepted the one that best fit my particular needs and schedule. I have been working with my current employer for about two years now. I love my job and I love the two children! I am very happy with SitterCentral and everyone on their team that helped me! Thank you for finding me a great job!

Ruth, Nanny
Dallas, Texas