SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 38

SitterCentral Dallas has been a lifesaver for me and my family. My eight year old twin girls have loved all the sitters that we have used over the past 4 years . The sitters play and interact with our twins and bring activities and games for them to play. I have even had an emergency where I needed a sitter last minute and SCD found someone to babysit quickly. I did not have to make ONE phone call. There are always several sitters to choose from online if you want to try several different sitters or you can use the same ones over and over again. It is nice knowing that I can always find a sitter that I know has been pre-screened and has experience. The greatest part is that I know my girls will be happy and entertained while we are away.

The McCoy Family
University Park, Tx

As any parent knows, finding the perfect nanny can be a stressful and harrowing experience. After many failed attempts on our own, including online search services, SitterCentral Dallas found us the perfect nanny with absolutely no effort on our part.

The staff was attentive and took into consideration all of our family’s particular needs. I felt like they really took the time to get to know our situation and they were able to discern the perfect candidate for us almost immediately. We did not have to waste time interviewing multiple candidates that weren’t right for our family. The staff also helped us with our nanny agreement, and even though this was not our first time to employ a nanny, they had several valuable tips that we hadn’t considered.

Our new nanny is an absolutely perfect fit for our family. We would not have found her without the help of SitterCentral Dallas. It was the best phone call that we made!

The Gum Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 10

Being a member of SitterCentral Dallas has been amazing. I originally started out as a sitter member. This was great because I was able to schedule my own hours and, since I have my own children, the flexible schedule allowed me to work and make money but still be there for my kids. The site put me in touch with the greatest families. There isn't one family I have worked for that I didn't enjoy. They all have been lovely and the kids fun and sweet. I eventually was able to transition into a nanny position with two separate families. I now work as a nanny during the day Monday through Friday. I was so impressed by SitterCentral Dallas that I recruited my sister to work as well. It has been a great experience so far. I highly recommend SitterCentral Dallas not only for anyone who wants to work as a sitter or nanny but also for families who are looking for someone responsible to help care for their children. They do thorough background checks and reference checks. The staff really cares about each individual child, family, and the needs of each particular situation. I have been very happy with my experience so far.

Heather A.
Dallas, Texas

Working with SitterCentral Miami helped my family find balance in our home. just like it says on their flyers! Trying to find a nanny to care for our 2 daughters was becoming a second job and I just didn't have the time. The staff was efficient and friendly from day one. After interviewing a few of their nannies, I instantly fell in love with Blanca. I thank SitterCentral Miami for all their hard work in finding our "ideal" nanny. Blanca is now part of our family and the girls absolutely love her!

The Rodriguez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 27

Our family has been using SitterCentral Dallas for the past 3 years that we have lived in Dallas. When I call, I know that I will be getting a quality person to take care of my three children. I have met some really neat people who will be a special part of my children’s’ lives for many years to come. Many, many heartfelt thanks from the Griffith Family!

The Griffith Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 55

SitterCentral Dallas has been the best Dallas based nanny placement agency I have been associated with since the start of my career in Dallas 30 years ago. The company is thorough, attentive, and professional, both to the families I've interviewed with and myself. They are #1 in my book! I highly recommend them if your looking for a job with a great family that matches your needs.

Mery, Nanny
Dallas, Texas