SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 29

My family's experience with SitterCentral Dallas has been invaluable! We have found our sitters to be responsible, fun, sweet and energetic. Not only has the service allowed my husband and I the chance to enjoy some time to ourselves, it's also introduced our three daughters to some really neat girls, who play with them, listen to them, teach them and have fun with them. It's been wonderful to have our children actually look forward to the babysitter coming over because they know they will have a great time. I have recommended the site to many friends and will continue to do so.

The Lewin Family
University Park, Texas

Working with SitterCentral Miami helped my family find balance in our home. just like it says on their flyers! Trying to find a nanny to care for our 2 daughters was becoming a second job and I just didn't have the time. The staff was efficient and friendly from day one. After interviewing a few of their nannies, I instantly fell in love with Blanca. I thank SitterCentral Miami for all their hard work in finding our "ideal" nanny. Blanca is now part of our family and the girls absolutely love her!

The Rodriguez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 185

As a newcomer to Dallas and starting a job in the corporate world I knew there was something missing in my life, never did I think that a second job as a caregiver could be so fulfilling. Getting to know the parents and spending time with their kids makes me so excited to become a mother one day. I think SitterCentral Dallas is such an amazing idea to give families an easy way to find balance, which is not very easy these days. The only hard part to this job is leaving a family in hopes that I will get to see them again because of the connection we've made! This company has made me feel like I can really call Dallas my forever home!

Erin S.
Member 51

When my twins were babies, I contacted SitterCentral to see if they could help find us two rotating nannies---so that I could have someone to help me during the daytime and occasionally at night when needed. This was a huge help for a new mother of twins. I also needed help with managing the nannies, which was agreed to by the agency with no problem. It was so great that we soon after turned over all of our household staffing to their excellent management skills. (We had in the past hired several professionally trained household and estate managers from very reputable placement agencies--both national and international--who never were able to do the job SitterCentral was able to do for us.) Our costs were cut drastically, while making sure all of our household needs were met and done even more efficiently. SitterCentral was always on top of having the best people work with us and making sure they could serve in more than just one capacity--they were all good at cleaning, organizing, running errands, cooking healthy meals and could pitch in with children when in a pinch! And best of all, SitterCentral's management freed up my time so I could focus on what mattered most to me--our children!! I would strongly recommend SitterCentral to anyone, whether you need an occasional babysitter, a permanent nanny, (or any other specialty staff you may be looking for-- they are the most incredible resource) or if you need and are lucky enough to persuade them into overseeing your entire staff--SitterCentral is your answer!

The Vest Family
Dallas, Texas

We have used several sitter services and this is by far the best. All the sitters we have used have had exceptional integrity, are on time, and we can always get a sitter at the last moment.

The Thomas Family
University Park, Tx

When the family I worked for no longer needed me to care for their children because they were starting school, I went to SitterCentral Miami for help to find a new job. They asked me all the right questions to help me find a position that would be the best fit for me. I now care for two beautiful little girls! To make it even better, the family lives close to me so the commute is very short!

SitterCentral Miami's staff really cared about what I was looking for and made sure I was comfortable with all the duties that the family needed. They were thorough and professional and I would recommend them to any nanny looking for work.

Patricia, Nanny
Miami, Florida