SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 32

We recently moved to Dallas from New York with two school-aged children. As a family with two working parents, we were in need of a good, reliable network of babysitters. SitterCentral Dallas has consistently provided high quality sitters every time we've needed one. Even if a babysitter has to cancel, SitterCentral Dallas feels it is their responsibility to find a replacement. In fact, the one time a sitter had to cancel, SitterCentral Dallas called me by phone to explain the situation and provide the name of another sitter before I even knew there was a problem! We have never experienced a sitter we wouldn't be glad to have back and most importantly we know our kids will be safe and have fun while we are away.

The Foley Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 51

When my twins were babies, I contacted SitterCentral to see if they could help find us two rotating nannies---so that I could have someone to help me during the daytime and occasionally at night when needed. This was a huge help for a new mother of twins. I also needed help with managing the nannies, which was agreed to by the agency with no problem. It was so great that we soon after turned over all of our household staffing to their excellent management skills. (We had in the past hired several professionally trained household and estate managers from very reputable placement agencies--both national and international--who never were able to do the job SitterCentral was able to do for us.) Our costs were cut drastically, while making sure all of our household needs were met and done even more efficiently. SitterCentral was always on top of having the best people work with us and making sure they could serve in more than just one capacity--they were all good at cleaning, organizing, running errands, cooking healthy meals and could pitch in with children when in a pinch! And best of all, SitterCentral's management freed up my time so I could focus on what mattered most to me--our children!! I would strongly recommend SitterCentral to anyone, whether you need an occasional babysitter, a permanent nanny, (or any other specialty staff you may be looking for-- they are the most incredible resource) or if you need and are lucky enough to persuade them into overseeing your entire staff--SitterCentral is your answer!

The Vest Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 183

When I decided to get my Masters in Special Education, I joined SitterCentral as a sitter at the urging of a client. Admittedly, I was nervous, as going into strangers' homes seemed daunting. However, I have come to learn in SitterCentral Dallas, no one is a stranger. I was pleasantly surprised as to the lengths they go to to make sure their clients' children are receiving the best possible care, and that is what sets them apart. My hour long in person meeting flew by and really gave me a great idea of what the parents expect and what SitterCentral Dallas expects. This is why I have come to love SitterCentral- it's not a cursory screening, its an incredibly personalized way to be matched up with lovely, kind families. I plan on continuing my relationship with SitterCentral Dallas for years to come.

Faith M.

SitterCentral Miami helped my family find a nanny. Before I reached out to them, I spent countless hours trying to find someone and check references, etc. At the end of the day, I realized that we needed help from a professional team to find us the right match for our family. SitterCentral Miami found us someone who really suited our needs. Their staff really paid attention to our needs and our budget. They placed us with a wonderful, caring woman who is now part of our family. I wish I had started with SitterCentral Miami first!

The Gonzalez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 28

After using SitterCentral Dallas for my two young girls, I would highly recommend this service! My husband and I love to go on date nights, have dinner with friends and attend last minute events, and being a member of SitterCentral Dallas allows us to do all of them! The babysitters are professional, attentive and my girls have SO much fun with each of them! I feel very safe leaving my children with a SitterCentral Dallas babysitter. After two years of being a member, we are still very pleased and assure you that you will be too!

The Huckin Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 56

SitterCentral has forever changed my career. This placement agency really helped me find a job that works with my skill set. I have been a part of SitterCentral Dallas since 2008, and from the first time I interviewed with them they have found jobs that were right for me. She has helped place me in two great full time jobs as a housekeeper/nanny. I loved my first job with sweet twins and spent over 3 years working for them. I then took my second job with a wonderful family with 4 children. My current family is a pleasure to work for and I hope to be there for years to come! With these 4 active children, I am constantly busy and love my job. I highly recommend SitterCentral Dallas to anybody looking for a full time job in childcare.

Patty, Nanny
Dallas, Texas