SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 38

SitterCentral Dallas has been a lifesaver for me and my family. My eight year old twin girls have loved all the sitters that we have used over the past 4 years . The sitters play and interact with our twins and bring activities and games for them to play. I have even had an emergency where I needed a sitter last minute and SCD found someone to babysit quickly. I did not have to make ONE phone call. There are always several sitters to choose from online if you want to try several different sitters or you can use the same ones over and over again. It is nice knowing that I can always find a sitter that I know has been pre-screened and has experience. The greatest part is that I know my girls will be happy and entertained while we are away.

The McCoy Family
University Park, Tx

As a new mom in a new city with a husband who frequently travels on business, it was critical for me to find a nanny that I trusted. Knowing that SitterCentral Dallas does background checks, personal reference checks, and required CPR/First Aid training won me over. I quickly came to realize that there are so many more fantastic things about the company. SitterCentral Dallas knows what moms are looking for and goes out of their way to make sure both it's clients and it's candidates have a good experience. SitterCentral's team is open, honest, and approachable, and I trust their judgment in placing nannies. My son Adam immediately fell in love with our nanny Heather!

The Rhodes Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 179

While I have only been a sitter for the website for a short period of time, it has been an incredible experience for me! This site has put me in contact with so many great families, and I love getting to know all of the kids! Since I am currently in nursing school, it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to work when I am able. Also, since I have started sitting, my want to be a pediatric nurse has been reassured and strengthened! I am so thankful for the opportunities given to me through SitterCentral!

Callie C.
Member 49

Our family has been using SitterCentral Dallas for the past 3 years that we have lived in Dallas. When I call, I know that I will be getting a quality person to take care of my three children. I have met some really neat people who will be a special part of my children’s lives for many years to come. Many, many heartfelt thanks from the Griffith Family!

The Griffith Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 41

I have four very active children who have adored all the girls that have come to us from SitterCentral Dallas. I would have any of them back to sit for our family again. The online sign-up and communication is perfect for me. You get responses back almost immediately and don't have to call around and then wait for a phone call back. I am recommending SitterCentral Dallas to all my friends!

The Akhtar Family
Preston Hollow, TX
Member 61

Having the opportunity to be placed for a nanny job through SitterCentral Dallas has been amazing. I became a member about two and a half years ago, and I owe my success to this wonderful company. SitterCentral Dallas works with each individual to find a job that fits into their schedule. The happiness I have received from my last two jobs has been entirely because this company has devoted their time and strength to make sure the well being of both the family and the nanny are equal. My first job was for 3 years, then the children started school. I went back to SitterCentral Dallas and interviewed and found my next job. Three more years flew by! I am so happy to be working for my current family and love that it is the perfect fit for me! I hope to work there for many years to come.

Dora, Nanny
Dallas, Texas