SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 34

The morning after our first SitterCentral Dallas sitter came over, our (then) five year old woke up my husband at 7:00 a.m. to tell him "Dad, I have an idea. I think you should take Mom out to dinner again tonight so Miss Natalie can come back and watch us." That was almost three years ago and our boys have been just as enthusiastic about all of the SitterCentral Dallas sitters who have come through our doors. They love having fun sitters who take the time to really play and interact with them. From a parent’s perspective, all of the girls are extremely responsible, reliable, punctual and easily able to handle our lively boys. We really enjoy being able to go out as often as we want to because we know the boys are in safe and loving hands with SitterCentral Dallas. Thank you to all the SitterCentral Dallas staff members!

The Clark Famliy
University Park, Texas

Working with SitterCentral Miami helped my family find balance in our home. just like it says on their flyers! Trying to find a nanny to care for our 2 daughters was becoming a second job and I just didn't have the time. The staff was efficient and friendly from day one. After interviewing a few of their nannies, I instantly fell in love with Blanca. I thank SitterCentral Miami for all their hard work in finding our "ideal" nanny. Blanca is now part of our family and the girls absolutely love her!

The Rodriguez Family
Miami, Florida

I've been babysitting since I was 12, but when I moved to Dallas to go to school, it was difficult to find good families to work for. That's why SitterCentral is such a great resource! I get to choose the families I work for and what times I'm available on a weekly basis. I've already found six fabulous families through the site!

Diana C.
Dallas, Texas

SitterCentral Miami helped my family find a nanny. Before I reached out to them, I spent countless hours trying to find someone and check references, etc. At the end of the day, I realized that we needed help from a professional team to find us the right match for our family. SitterCentral Miami found us someone who really suited our needs. Their staff really paid attention to our needs and our budget. They placed us with a wonderful, caring woman who is now part of our family. I wish I had started with SitterCentral Miami first!

The Gonzalez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 41

I have four very active children who have adored all the girls that have come to us from SitterCentral Dallas. I would have any of them back to sit for our family again. The online sign-up and communication is perfect for me. You get responses back almost immediately and don't have to call around and then wait for a phone call back. I am recommending SitterCentral Dallas to all my friends!

The Akhtar Family
Preston Hollow, TX
Member 58

I have been a part of SitterCentral Dallas since 2007. Their team is great, dedicated and committed to placing nannies with the right family. Two years ago I wanted to transition to a new job where I could work hours that fit my schedule and earn more money. I contacted SitterCentral Dallas, they interviewed me, found out what I was wanted to do and within two weeks I was going to interviews. I trialed with three families and was placed with a great family for whom I am still working. I couldn't be happier. If I ever need to find another position, I will go straight to SitterCentral Dallas because they make sure both the nanny and family are happy with their placement. Thank you SitterCentral.

Viridiana, Nanny
Dallas, Texas