SitterCentral Testimonials

Having to relocate for work and not having family in Miami made it very difficult for me as a single parent. SitterCentral Miami became my family in Miami. They helped me find a Mommy's Helper to help out during the week by picking up my daughter from school, taking her to soccer and helping me keep the house organized until I got home. I can't thank SitterCentral Miami enough for helping find the extra hands that I needed.

The Collins Family
Miami, Florida
Member 49

Our family has been using SitterCentral Dallas for the past 3 years that we have lived in Dallas. When I call, I know that I will be getting a quality person to take care of my three children. I have met some really neat people who will be a special part of my children’s lives for many years to come. Many, many heartfelt thanks from the Griffith Family!

The Griffith Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 11

SitterCentral Dallas has helped make my life much less stressful by putting me in contact with families and allowing me to work in my free time. I heard about SitterCentral Dallas through a friend and immediately decided this was something I should look into. Being a student, I needed a job that was flexible and allowed me to work around my busy schedule. It was so easy to join online and create my babysitting profile. SitterCentral Dallas quickly got in touch with me about setting up a face-to-face meeting and gave me a resource to get my CPR certification. They showed me how to navigate my own personal webpage on the site, and since then, it has been stress-free to update the hours I am available to babysit. You simply put your hours up, and the rest comes to you. To make it even easier, SitterCentral Dallas frequently sends out available jobs just in case you didn’t happen to get booked and is always there to answer any of your questions or concerns. SitterCentral Dallas has provided me with a way to meet so many wonderful families, many of which I have stayed in touch with. The pay is amazing and all the parents are great at communicating with you about the job and their children, so that everything goes well. If you enjoy being around children and are looking to make extra money, joining SitterCentral Dallas is definitely worth your time. I highly recommend investing just 15 minutes to sign up… you won’t regret it!

Laura F.
Dallas, Texas

We found our wonderful nanny through SitterCentral Dallas two years ago. The interview process was short and easy for me since most of the pre-screening had already narrowed down the best-matched candidates for our family’s needs. We ended up hiring the first nanny I interviewed and have been extremely happy with her. I initially hired a nanny on my own before my son was born and she quit one week before she was supposed to start, leaving me unexpectedly with my one-week old baby and no help. I called SitterCentral Dallas and had confidence that with their replacement guarantee I wouldn't get stuck again. Within one week, I was already in the trial period with my new nanny. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with SitterCentral Dallas!

The Timon Family
Dallas, Texas

We have used several sitter services and this is by far the best. All the sitters we have used have had exceptional integrity, are on time, and we can always get a sitter at the last moment.

The Thomas Family
University Park, Tx
Member 199

I am thankful that I found SitterCentral because of how simple they made finding a job that fits my abilities and schedule. I love the communication with the SitterCentral Staff and how helpful they have been. The family that I have been placed with treats me kindly and respectfully. Taking care of 3 children is always busy which always makes working so much fun. The family has met all my work needs and this job placement has been successful. Thank you to SitterCentral!

Lisa, Nanny