SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 33

SitterCentral Dallas makes it so easy to find a reliable, fun, responsible sitter anytime you need one. We have used SCD for years now and we have had many different sitters and every single one has been great! The kids have enjoyed them all and even look forward to meeting new sitters. It really helps to know that your children are well taken care of and safe while you are away. Thanks SCD!!

The Sharpe Family
Dallas, Texas

SitterCentral Miami helped my family find a nanny. Before I reached out to them, I spent countless hours trying to find someone and check references, etc. At the end of the day, I realized that we needed help from a professional team to find us the right match for our family. SitterCentral Miami found us someone who really suited our needs. Their staff really paid attention to our needs and our budget. They placed us with a wonderful, caring woman who is now part of our family. I wish I had started with SitterCentral Miami first!

The Gonzalez Family
Miami, Florida
Member 19

I moved to Dallas in 2009 to attend Southern Methodist University without a job, car, family, or close friends. SitterCentral Dallas has helped to fill the gaps in my life that I so desperately needed! They sent job postings specifically my direction when they knew I could form a close relationship with the family… talk about a babysitter matchmaker team. I have fostered such amazing relationships with both mothers and children by joining SitterCentral Dallas. With the help of SCD, I have built a support group in Dallas.

I get to spend weekends and weeknights playing with children and I'm lucky enough to eat kid food, play dress up, and smell like a mix of diaper cream and baby lotion. That might not be your ideal evening, but the past three years of being a member of SitterCentral Dallas has provided me with more laughter, relaxation, and detox than any remote spa could. Now, as I move into the corporate world, I'm ready for anything that comes my way. SitterCentral Dallas has given me financial, emotional, and physical support through their precise selection of families, innovative online system, and incredible founders and staff members.

Whitney R.
Dallas, Texas

Working with SitterCentral was great. The staff was very pleasant and attentive and they always worked around my work schedule. All the candidates that were introduced to me seemed to be very competent but ideally Vanessa was the candidate that stood out to be the better match for our family. Thank you SitterCentral Miami!

The D’Escoubet Family
Miami, Florida
Member 27

Our family has been using SitterCentral Dallas for the past 3 years that we have lived in Dallas. When I call, I know that I will be getting a quality person to take care of my three children. I have met some really neat people who will be a special part of my children’s’ lives for many years to come. Many, many heartfelt thanks from the Griffith Family!

The Griffith Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 60

I have had a very good experience with SitterCentral Dallas. They found me a job very quickly after my interview. SitterCentral was very good at making sure that they understood what I wanted in my next job. They were direct and fair in the way they worked with me and treated me as a nanny. Working with this agency has been a very good experience for me. I hope to stay at my current position for a long time. The job is a perfect fit for me and I am very happy at my job.

MaryAnn, Nanny
Dallas, Texas