SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 30

Our family has been a member of SitterCentral Dallas for about two years. We have great success finding babysitters far in advance or at the last minute. Just last weekend, I was looking for a babysitter at the very last minute. On Sunday afternoon, I got a call from SitterCentral Dallas saying that they noticed I had made a lot of requests, and she asked if I would like for them to help with my request to find a sitter for that evening. Wow-- that is service!

The Hurst Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 51

When my twins were babies, I contacted SitterCentral to see if they could help find us two rotating nannies---so that I could have someone to help me during the daytime and occasionally at night when needed. This was a huge help for a new mother of twins. I also needed help with managing the nannies, which was agreed to by the agency with no problem. It was so great that we soon after turned over all of our household staffing to their excellent management skills. (We had in the past hired several professionally trained household and estate managers from very reputable placement agencies--both national and international--who never were able to do the job SitterCentral was able to do for us.) Our costs were cut drastically, while making sure all of our household needs were met and done even more efficiently. SitterCentral was always on top of having the best people work with us and making sure they could serve in more than just one capacity--they were all good at cleaning, organizing, running errands, cooking healthy meals and could pitch in with children when in a pinch! And best of all, SitterCentral's management freed up my time so I could focus on what mattered most to me--our children!! I would strongly recommend SitterCentral to anyone, whether you need an occasional babysitter, a permanent nanny, (or any other specialty staff you may be looking for-- they are the most incredible resource) or if you need and are lucky enough to persuade them into overseeing your entire staff--SitterCentral is your answer!

The Vest Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 171

I love SitterCentral because it allows me to put up times that fit into my schedule. As a student-athlete I needed something that would be flexible for my circumstance, and SitterCentral was the perfect answer. Not only does it allow me to create my own hours, but also the families and children that use SitterCentral are always so friendly and kind. All of the families I have encountered have treated me with the upmost respect and courtesy. The children are also fun to watch, and they make babysitting an easy and enjoyable job. I am so thankful for finding SitterCentral, and I encourage everyone to use the site!

Samantha T.

Working with SitterCentral was great. The staff was very pleasant and attentive and they always worked around my work schedule. All the candidates that were introduced to me seemed to be very competent but ideally Vanessa was the candidate that stood out to be the better match for our family. Thank you SitterCentral Miami!

The D’Escoubet Family
Miami, Florida
Member 43

At the last minute, my nanny cancelled. I emailed SitterCentral right away and they helped me find Cici the night before I needed a sitter! I was in quite the panic and thankful for the help locating a sitter they trusted! Thank you SCD for saving me! Cici sits for us regularly now and my son looks forward to her coming over!!!

The Tinnin Family
Richardson, Tx

SitterCentral Miami is one of the best agencies I have worked with. The staff is always available. They were there every step of the way, went with me to all my interviews and always made me feel comfortable.

After being placed with a family, they called to check in and make sure that everything was going well and I was happy at my new job. They are really caring and always available to help if I ever have a question or need something. Thank you SitterCentral Miami.

Maritza, Nanny
Miami. Florida