SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 34

The morning after our first SitterCentral Dallas sitter came over, our (then) five year old woke up my husband at 7:00 a.m. to tell him "Dad, I have an idea. I think you should take Mom out to dinner again tonight so Miss Natalie can come back and watch us." That was almost three years ago and our boys have been just as enthusiastic about all of the SitterCentral Dallas sitters who have come through our doors. They love having fun sitters who take the time to really play and interact with them. From a parent’s perspective, all of the girls are extremely responsible, reliable, punctual and easily able to handle our lively boys. We really enjoy being able to go out as often as we want to because we know the boys are in safe and loving hands with SitterCentral Dallas. Thank you to all the SitterCentral Dallas staff members!

The Clark Famliy
University Park, Texas
Member 45

As a busy single mom, SitterCentral Dallas has really helped me through the different stages of my children, as they have grown and our schedule has changed over the past five years. They first helped me find a caring and highly qualified full time nanny, so I could get back to work. My full time nanny also helped me manage my household and my stress, making me a better mom. Once my children started school full-time, I called SitterCentral Dallas to help make the transition seamless from full-time to part-time help. I now use the website for night and weekend babysitting help when my part-time nanny is not available. I always call SitterCentral Dallas for all of my family’s babysitting and nanny needs. I never have to worry about the care my children will receive from someone that SitterCentral sends me when I can't be with my children because the quality of the candidates has always been consistently good since we became members 5 years ago.

The Hall Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 187

SitterCentral Dallas has become a great source of connection for my future. When I moved to Dallas to begin college, I was looking for a job that could fit my schedule and also integrated in what I was studying. I am so thankful my friend recommended SitterCentral. The flexibility of hours, great pay, and rewarding time spent with children are what makes SitterCentral the perfect part/full time job for anyone who loves children in the Dallas area. Thank you, SitterCentral!

Channing B.
Member 51

When my twins were babies, I contacted SitterCentral to see if they could help find us two rotating nannies---so that I could have someone to help me during the daytime and occasionally at night when needed. This was a huge help for a new mother of twins. I also needed help with managing the nannies, which was agreed to by the agency with no problem. It was so great that we soon after turned over all of our household staffing to their excellent management skills. (We had in the past hired several professionally trained household and estate managers from very reputable placement agencies--both national and international--who never were able to do the job SitterCentral was able to do for us.) Our costs were cut drastically, while making sure all of our household needs were met and done even more efficiently. SitterCentral was always on top of having the best people work with us and making sure they could serve in more than just one capacity--they were all good at cleaning, organizing, running errands, cooking healthy meals and could pitch in with children when in a pinch! And best of all, SitterCentral's management freed up my time so I could focus on what mattered most to me--our children!! I would strongly recommend SitterCentral to anyone, whether you need an occasional babysitter, a permanent nanny, (or any other specialty staff you may be looking for-- they are the most incredible resource) or if you need and are lucky enough to persuade them into overseeing your entire staff--SitterCentral is your answer!

The Vest Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 38

SitterCentral Dallas has been a lifesaver for me and my family. My eight year old twin girls have loved all the sitters that we have used over the past 4 years . The sitters play and interact with our twins and bring activities and games for them to play. I have even had an emergency where I needed a sitter last minute and SCD found someone to babysit quickly. I did not have to make ONE phone call. There are always several sitters to choose from online if you want to try several different sitters or you can use the same ones over and over again. It is nice knowing that I can always find a sitter that I know has been pre-screened and has experience. The greatest part is that I know my girls will be happy and entertained while we are away.

The McCoy Family
University Park, Tx
Member 62

SitterCentral Dallas helped me find my current job very quickly! I joined the site, received a call the same day and was interviewed 3 days later by a SitterCentral Dallas staff member. I had two different job placement opportunities by the end of the next week. I interviewed for both jobs and accepted the one that best fit my particular needs and schedule. I have been working with my current employer for about two years now. I love my job and I love the two children! I am very happy with SitterCentral and everyone on their team that helped me! Thank you for finding me a great job!

Ruth, Nanny
Dallas, Texas