SitterCentral Testimonials

We have used several sitter services and this is by far the best. All the sitters we have used have had exceptional integrity, are on time, and we can always get a sitter at the last moment.

The Thomas Family
University Park, Tx
Member 45

As a busy single mom, SitterCentral Dallas has really helped me through the different stages of my children, as they have grown and our schedule has changed over the past five years. They first helped me find a caring and highly qualified full time nanny, so I could get back to work. My full time nanny also helped me manage my household and my stress, making me a better mom. Once my children started school full-time, I called SitterCentral Dallas to help make the transition seamless from full-time to part-time help. I now use the website for night and weekend babysitting help when my part-time nanny is not available. I always call SitterCentral Dallas for all of my family’s babysitting and nanny needs. I never have to worry about the care my children will receive from someone that SitterCentral sends me when I can't be with my children because the quality of the candidates has always been consistently good since we became members 5 years ago.

The Hall Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 5

I am so very thankful for SitterCentral Dallas. It is been such a neat opportunity for me. I really have a passion for working with and caring for children of all ages. As a former Children’s Director at a local church in the Dallas area, I have tons of experience with children from birth to 6th grade. I love to make our time fun and positive and although I am not currently pursuing a career in Children’s Ministry, SitterCentral Dallas still allows me to do something that I really enjoy while meeting and assisting many different families. I always bring my “Backpack of Fun” filled with books, projects or experiments to work on with the kids, and we always have a great time. I come prepared but I am also ready to listen to each child and learn about each child’s interests. The most rewarding part is hearing from the parents afterwards that their kids can’t wait until I come back! SitterCentral Dallas has really been a blessing to my family and me!

Emma B.
Dallas, Texas

As a new mom in a new city with a husband who frequently travels on business, it was critical for me to find a nanny that I trusted. Knowing that SitterCentral Dallas does background checks, personal reference checks, and required CPR/First Aid training won me over. I quickly came to realize that there are so many more fantastic things about the company. SitterCentral Dallas knows what moms are looking for and goes out of their way to make sure both it's clients and it's candidates have a good experience. SitterCentral's team is open, honest, and approachable, and I trust their judgment in placing nannies. My son Adam immediately fell in love with our nanny Heather!

The Rhodes Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 39

SitterCentral Dallas has brought spontaneity back into my life by providing a large selection of highly qualified sitters that can be found at a moments notice. Because of this amazing service, I can now decide in the afternoon that I want to go out that evening and I always know that I'll be able to find a great sitter to stay with my children. Thank you SCD for being there for my family.

The Jackson Family
University Park, Tx
Member 56

SitterCentral has forever changed my career. This placement agency really helped me find a job that works with my skill set. I have been a part of SitterCentral Dallas since 2008, and from the first time I interviewed with them they have found jobs that were right for me. She has helped place me in two great full time jobs as a housekeeper/nanny. I loved my first job with sweet twins and spent over 3 years working for them. I then took my second job with a wonderful family with 4 children. My current family is a pleasure to work for and I hope to be there for years to come! With these 4 active children, I am constantly busy and love my job. I highly recommend SitterCentral Dallas to anybody looking for a full time job in childcare.

Patty, Nanny
Dallas, Texas