SitterCentral Testimonials
Member 29

My family's experience with SitterCentral Dallas has been invaluable! We have found our sitters to be responsible, fun, sweet and energetic. Not only has the service allowed my husband and I the chance to enjoy some time to ourselves, it's also introduced our three daughters to some really neat girls, who play with them, listen to them, teach them and have fun with them. It's been wonderful to have our children actually look forward to the babysitter coming over because they know they will have a great time. I have recommended the site to many friends and will continue to do so.

The Lewin Family
University Park, Texas

As any parent knows, finding the perfect nanny can be a stressful and harrowing experience. After many failed attempts on our own, including online search services, SitterCentral Dallas found us the perfect nanny with absolutely no effort on our part.

The staff was attentive and took into consideration all of our family’s particular needs. I felt like they really took the time to get to know our situation and they were able to discern the perfect candidate for us almost immediately. We did not have to waste time interviewing multiple candidates that weren’t right for our family. The staff also helped us with our nanny agreement, and even though this was not our first time to employ a nanny, they had several valuable tips that we hadn’t considered.

Our new nanny is an absolutely perfect fit for our family. We would not have found her without the help of SitterCentral Dallas. It was the best phone call that we made!

The Gum Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 188

SitterCentral is so enjoyable and it fits perfectly around my other job. I am so grateful That I have SitterCentral for extra income and to spend time with different kids and families. The families are so sweet and they take great care of you. The staff who runs SitterCentral is always there to help in a time of need. I could go on and on about how much I love this company. Thank you SitterCentral for creating this amazing company.

Chelsey S.
Member 46

Our nanny of four years moved out of state and we needed a replacement as soon as possible! SitterCentral Dallas was able to find a new nanny for us before our old nanny even left. This helped make the transition seamless. My kids love our new nanny! She always has a smile on her face and is ready to jump right in when she walks through the front door. She does craft projects with my five year old daughter and helps her with her reading homework. She plays dinosaurs, race cars, airplanes, and hide and seek with my three year old son. She's also been amazing with my newborn. SitterCentral Dallas made it so easy. I had no worries about screening, reference checks, background checks, etc. I would highly recommend SitterCentral Dallas to anyone looking for a nanny for their family.

The Akhtar Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 35

Our regular sitter moved away and I found myself having to call around to try to find babysitters. It was a lot of work and stress to try to find somebody… but then I found SitterCentral Dallas. It was so easy to use their website to immediately book a sitter to watch my boys. I felt secure knowing that all the sitters were pre-screened and qualified. I have used SitterCentral Dallas for two years and every babysitter has been caring and responsible. Most importantly, my boys have LOVED having the SitterCentral Dallas sitters over and actually look forward to having babysitters come to our home!

The Berkley Family
Dallas, Texas
Member 197

I am very thankful that my friend referred SitterCentral to me in 2008. Ever since, I have found work as a housekeeper, nanny, or both. I have worked for 4 excellent families over the last 10 years. Each family has treated me with respect, which makes me want to do my best everyday at their house. I have confidence knowing if I need a job SitterCentral will find a job that fits my skills and schedule.

Janet, Housekeeper