SitterCentral Sitter Testimonials
Member 15

I love SitterCentral Dallas! I really enjoy working with children and SitterCentral Dallas has been very faithful in pairing me up with awesome families. It is a user-friendly, constantly going system and I really like how easy it is to use and access my account- especially since I am a busy college student. SitterCentral Dallas is a reliable and safe system that I would highly recommend to families who need sitters and sitters who are looking for great families! Thank you SitterCentral Dallas!

Krystal C.
Dallas, Texas
Member 64

SitterCentral Miami is the best! I love that I just post the times that I am available, the families find me and request me directly online. I get a text and email letting me know I have a request, then I accept the job online and give them a call later. It’s great to have a service that stays abreast of technology. I am always on the go, it helps me to stay on top of my schedule, programs and my jobs right on my calendar on my smart phone. The families are great! The staff that works at SitterCentral Miami are great, and I couldn’t ask for a better setup! Thanks for everything SitterCentral!

Chloe A.
Miami, Florida

I have been sitting for SitterCentral Miami for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier! I love the families I work with and love that I can make my own schedule that works around my time. This is the perfect part time situation for me since I am a student and I don’t always have the same schedule every week. I definitely encourage anyone has odd hours for classes or is even working at a job to sign up! The staff is the best! They are always willing to help out if there is ever an issue!

Stephanie N.
Miami, Florida
Member 193

When I first came to Dallas, I was wanting to find a job, but being a student athlete made it difficult to find a job to fit my schedule. I am so glad I was introduced to SitterCentral because it allows me to put up times I am available and I do not have to worry about all my schedules overlapping. Also, all of the families are so kind and friendly to me which makes the experience and job better. The kids are well behaved and fun to watch which makes the job enjoyable and fun. I love telling people about SitterCentral and encouraging others to join the site! It is fun to meet new families, have an enjoyable time watching the kids, and have a job that does not stress or conflict your schedule!

Jacqueline L.
Member 5

I am so very thankful for SitterCentral Dallas. It is been such a neat opportunity for me. I really have a passion for working with and caring for children of all ages. As a former Children’s Director at a local church in the Dallas area, I have tons of experience with children from birth to 6th grade. I love to make our time fun and positive and although I am not currently pursuing a career in Children’s Ministry, SitterCentral Dallas still allows me to do something that I really enjoy while meeting and assisting many different families. I always bring my “Backpack of Fun” filled with books, projects or experiments to work on with the kids, and we always have a great time. I come prepared but I am also ready to listen to each child and learn about each child’s interests. The most rewarding part is hearing from the parents afterwards that their kids can’t wait until I come back! SitterCentral Dallas has really been a blessing to my family and me!

Emma B.
Dallas, Texas
Member 9

SitterCentral Dallas was the perfect answer to my need for extra income and a job that worked with my busy school schedule. The website is very user-friendly! I was able to set up my account, meet with a SitterCentral staff member, become approved and get my CPR certification all in one week. Thanks to the ability to set my own availability, SitterCentral Dallas allowed me to take up to 18 hours at Southern Methodist University, be very involved with my sorority and still have a steady stream of babysitting opportunities. I love knowing that the families on SitterCentral Dallas are vetted through the SitterCentral Dallas feedback process for both the sitters and the families after a job. SitterCentral Dallas even helped me expand my resume thanks to the incredible semester long tutoring job I was offered through the site; as an education student at SMU, this was invaluable to me. The opportunities are endless – from a one evening job to a full-time nanny position, SitterCentral Dallas is perfect for everyone’s schedule. I have recommended it to many of my friends who have agreed with me that the families are amazing. The support of the SitterCentral Dallas staff is incredible and this is the perfect way to earn a consistent stream of income.

Kathryn B.
Dallas, Texas