SitterCentral Sitter Testimonials
Member 20

I have been a member of SitterCentral Dallas for a year and a half now and I can’t possibly rave enough about this company. I’ve worked for other agencies previously and no one has such a great scheduling service or clientele as SitterCentral Dallas. I’ve been matched up with so many great families and developed awesome relationships with them, as well as with other sitters I have met at SCD events. They truly care about their sitter members and the families that they work for. They have high expectations for their sitters who provide local families with educated, trained, and qualified sitters caring for their children. SitterCentral Dallas is hands down the best care a parent could find for their children!

Julie P.
Dallas, Texas
Member 65

As a sitter, it is very convenient and easy to find the perfect fit on this site when it comes to babysitting for a family. Not only do I get a chance to share a lot about myself so that parents can know what to expect of me; but, the parents also get the opportunity to share their wants and needs for their children. This makes finding the right fit easy! I have had the best experiences using this site and have found many families that I now sit for on a regular basis. It's a safe way to ensure your children are in good hands and so far I've had no complaints from parents. I recommend this site to anyone because you will always find what you’re looking for!

Lisa M.
Miami, Florida
Member 5

I am so very thankful for SitterCentral Dallas. It is been such a neat opportunity for me. I really have a passion for working with and caring for children of all ages. As a former Children’s Director at a local church in the Dallas area, I have tons of experience with children from birth to 6th grade. I love to make our time fun and positive and although I am not currently pursuing a career in Children’s Ministry, SitterCentral Dallas still allows me to do something that I really enjoy while meeting and assisting many different families. I always bring my “Backpack of Fun” filled with books, projects or experiments to work on with the kids, and we always have a great time. I come prepared but I am also ready to listen to each child and learn about each child’s interests. The most rewarding part is hearing from the parents afterwards that their kids can’t wait until I come back! SitterCentral Dallas has really been a blessing to my family and me!

Emma B.
Dallas, Texas

I have been sitting for SitterCentral Miami for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier! I love the families I work with and love that I can make my own schedule that works around my time. This is the perfect part time situation for me since I am a student and I don’t always have the same schedule every week. I definitely encourage anyone has odd hours for classes or is even working at a job to sign up! The staff is the best! They are always willing to help out if there is ever an issue!

Stephanie N.
Miami, Florida
Member 185

As a newcomer to Dallas and starting a job in the corporate world I knew there was something missing in my life, never did I think that a second job as a caregiver could be so fulfilling. Getting to know the parents and spending time with their kids makes me so excited to become a mother one day. I think SitterCentral Dallas is such an amazing idea to give families an easy way to find balance, which is not very easy these days. The only hard part to this job is leaving a family in hopes that I will get to see them again because of the connection we've made! This company has made me feel like I can really call Dallas my forever home!

Erin S.
Member 188

SitterCentral is so enjoyable and it fits perfectly around my other job. I am so grateful That I have SitterCentral for extra income and to spend time with different kids and families. The families are so sweet and they take great care of you. The staff who runs SitterCentral is always there to help in a time of need. I could go on and on about how much I love this company. Thank you SitterCentral for creating this amazing company.

Chelsey S.