SitterCentral Sitter Testimonials
Member 25

SitterCentral Dallas was the best idea ever! I only have to check my phone for a text message or my email when I am doing homework and can accept babysitting jobs that are waiting for me in my inbox. The greatest thing about this company is that the jobs fit my schedule! I LOVE this company and I love the FAMILIES I have been connected with.

Kelsey G.
Dallas, Texas
Member 194

My favorite thing about SitterCentral is the flexibility and consistency it provides. I am a college student and my schedule is often hetic, but SitterCentral gives me the freedom of choosing my availability that works best with my day to day tasks. I am so grateful to be sitter for this website!

Alyssa W.
Member 64

SitterCentral Miami is the best! I love that I just post the times that I am available, the families find me and request me directly online. I get a text and email letting me know I have a request, then I accept the job online and give them a call later. It’s great to have a service that stays abreast of technology. I am always on the go, it helps me to stay on top of my schedule, programs and my jobs right on my calendar on my smart phone. The families are great! The staff that works at SitterCentral Miami are great, and I couldn’t ask for a better setup! Thanks for everything SitterCentral!

Chloe A.
Miami, Florida

I've been babysitting since I was 12, but when I moved to Dallas to go to school, it was difficult to find good families to work for. That's why SitterCentral is such a great resource! I get to choose the families I work for and what times I'm available on a weekly basis. I've already found six fabulous families through the site!

Diana C.
Dallas, Texas
Member 171

I love SitterCentral because it allows me to put up times that fit into my schedule. As a student-athlete I needed something that would be flexible for my circumstance, and SitterCentral was the perfect answer. Not only does it allow me to create my own hours, but also the families and children that use SitterCentral are always so friendly and kind. All of the families I have encountered have treated me with the upmost respect and courtesy. The children are also fun to watch, and they make babysitting an easy and enjoyable job. I am so thankful for finding SitterCentral, and I encourage everyone to use the site!

Samantha T.
Member 196

SitterCentral has made my college life so much easier! I was really worried when I started college about my ability to have a job since I am also a student-athlete; however, SitterCentral allowed me to do everything and more. I have so much fun spending time with such amazing children. Every time I babysit for a new family I get to meet such wonderful people and it makes me love this job even more. The staff of SitterCentral are also incredibly helpful. When I went to the hospital and needed help contacting families because I could no longer babysit, they were there and did everything they could to help me and the familes. SitterCentral is a great company. This company is full of compassion and love, making it such an incredible team to be apart of. Thank you SitterCentral for allowing me to go to school, play soccer, and work.

Tori F