SitterCentral Sitter Testimonials
Member 65

As a sitter, it is very convenient and easy to find the perfect fit on this site when it comes to babysitting for a family. Not only do I get a chance to share a lot about myself so that parents can know what to expect of me; but, the parents also get the opportunity to share their wants and needs for their children. This makes finding the right fit easy! I have had the best experiences using this site and have found many families that I now sit for on a regular basis. It's a safe way to ensure your children are in good hands and so far I've had no complaints from parents. I recommend this site to anyone because you will always find what you’re looking for!

Lisa M.
Miami, Florida
Member 172

When I moved to Dallas in the Fall of 2013, I was overwhelmed with the starting of college as well as the transition of becoming a college student-athlete. With a demanding school schedule and practice schedule for basketball, SitterCentral Dallas was helpful in allowing me to plan my work schedule whenever I could fit it in, meaning that I could work on the weekends or days of the week that I had free, but I was never obligated to work a certain amount of days each week. Living in the big city of Dallas, one may feel a little concerned on babysitting for a family you have never met; however, I have felt 100% comfortable every time that I babysit for a SitterCentral family because I know they have been screened, just as me, for precautionary reasons and that most already have wonderful background stories from other sitters already. The many memories I have made in the past three years of working with SitterCentral Dallas have been great and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity that SitterCentral Dallas has provided for me in allowing me to work and pursue my career. I would highly recommend SitterCentral to anyone that is looking for a little extra money and someone that needs something that can work with their schedule.

Caitlyn W.
Member 64

SitterCentral Miami is the best! I love that I just post the times that I am available, the families find me and request me directly online. I get a text and email letting me know I have a request, then I accept the job online and give them a call later. It’s great to have a service that stays abreast of technology. I am always on the go, it helps me to stay on top of my schedule, programs and my jobs right on my calendar on my smart phone. The families are great! The staff that works at SitterCentral Miami are great, and I couldn’t ask for a better setup! Thanks for everything SitterCentral!

Chloe A.
Miami, Florida
Member 175

Words cannot express how amazing I find SitterCentral Dallas! It is one of the most professional, family focused, and excellent babysitting services that I have ever worked for. It has been such a joy to be able to partner with parents and cultivate an atmosphere in homes that encourage children to be the best that they can be in every area of life. Children are so valuable, and SitterCentral Dallas definitely acknowledges that. I'm so grateful that I get to work for an awesome company and babysit for such wonderful families. I love SitterCentral!

Deserae C.
Member 9

SitterCentral Dallas was the perfect answer to my need for extra income and a job that worked with my busy school schedule. The website is very user-friendly! I was able to set up my account, meet with a SitterCentral staff member, become approved and get my CPR certification all in one week. Thanks to the ability to set my own availability, SitterCentral Dallas allowed me to take up to 18 hours at Southern Methodist University, be very involved with my sorority and still have a steady stream of babysitting opportunities. I love knowing that the families on SitterCentral Dallas are vetted through the SitterCentral Dallas feedback process for both the sitters and the families after a job. SitterCentral Dallas even helped me expand my resume thanks to the incredible semester long tutoring job I was offered through the site; as an education student at SMU, this was invaluable to me. The opportunities are endless – from a one evening job to a full-time nanny position, SitterCentral Dallas is perfect for everyone’s schedule. I have recommended it to many of my friends who have agreed with me that the families are amazing. The support of the SitterCentral Dallas staff is incredible and this is the perfect way to earn a consistent stream of income.

Kathryn B.
Dallas, Texas
Member 20

I have been a member of SitterCentral Dallas for a year and a half now and I can’t possibly rave enough about this company. I’ve worked for other agencies previously and no one has such a great scheduling service or clientele as SitterCentral Dallas. I’ve been matched up with so many great families and developed awesome relationships with them, as well as with other sitters I have met at SCD events. They truly care about their sitter members and the families that they work for. They have high expectations for their sitters who provide local families with educated, trained, and qualified sitters caring for their children. SitterCentral Dallas is hands down the best care a parent could find for their children!

Julie P.
Dallas, Texas