SitterCentral Sitter Testimonials
Member 2

I became a sitter member of SitterCentral Dallas in 2012 and I only wish I would have known about them sooner. I am currently transitioning from the corporate world to start a home based business. SitterCentral Dallas is a great opportunity to make a lot of money part-time, while building my new business. I especially love being able to add the times and dates I am available to babysit. So whether you’re a college student or a career minded individual, this service will fit your needs.

I am also happy to say that within two short weeks, the SitterCentral Dallas staff found me a nanny job part time for a wonderful family. I have been so happy with my experience. I was impressed with how quickly I was approached with multiple jobs that fit my criteria. I feel like the staff has been very friendly and professional. It is obvious that they pride themselves on creating a wonderful experience for both the nanny/babysitter and family. I have told many of my friends and they too are signing up to be a member of SitterCentral Dallas.

Diana D.
Dallas, Texas
Member 169

I love babysitting through this site, and the families have been wonderful. One wish!!! I had found out about Sittercentral sooner that I did. This is a great system for babysitting, the families are always welcoming, and I almost never leave a job without a smile on my face. Please expand to other cities so everyone can know and experience the joy of SitterCentral!

Mariah B.
Member 20

I have been a member of SitterCentral Dallas for a year and a half now and I can’t possibly rave enough about this company. I’ve worked for other agencies previously and no one has such a great scheduling service or clientele as SitterCentral Dallas. I’ve been matched up with so many great families and developed awesome relationships with them, as well as with other sitters I have met at SCD events. They truly care about their sitter members and the families that they work for. They have high expectations for their sitters who provide local families with educated, trained, and qualified sitters caring for their children. SitterCentral Dallas is hands down the best care a parent could find for their children!

Julie P.
Dallas, Texas

I relocated to Dallas for my first job out of undergrad and SitterCentral has been one of the best ways I have found to meet and connect with some amazing families! I joined two years ago and have had a phenomenal experience. As an entrepreneur, it is so nice that with SitterCentral you are able to post availability according to your schedule. All of the families I have met have been outstanding - some even feel like family to me now! I would recommend SitterCentral to anyone who wants to make a little extra money and meet some great families!

Rachel H.

I have been sitting for SitterCentral Miami for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier! I love the families I work with and love that I can make my own schedule that works around my time. This is the perfect part time situation for me since I am a student and I don’t always have the same schedule every week. I definitely encourage anyone has odd hours for classes or is even working at a job to sign up! The staff is the best! They are always willing to help out if there is ever an issue!

Stephanie N.
Miami, Florida
Member 11

SitterCentral Dallas has helped make my life much less stressful by putting me in contact with families and allowing me to work in my free time. I heard about SitterCentral Dallas through a friend and immediately decided this was something I should look into. Being a student, I needed a job that was flexible and allowed me to work around my busy schedule. It was so easy to join online and create my babysitting profile. SitterCentral Dallas quickly got in touch with me about setting up a face-to-face meeting and gave me a resource to get my CPR certification. They showed me how to navigate my own personal webpage on the site, and since then, it has been stress-free to update the hours I am available to babysit. You simply put your hours up, and the rest comes to you. To make it even easier, SitterCentral Dallas frequently sends out available jobs just in case you didn’t happen to get booked and is always there to answer any of your questions or concerns. SitterCentral Dallas has provided me with a way to meet so many wonderful families, many of which I have stayed in touch with. The pay is amazing and all the parents are great at communicating with you about the job and their children, so that everything goes well. If you enjoy being around children and are looking to make extra money, joining SitterCentral Dallas is definitely worth your time. I highly recommend investing just 15 minutes to sign up… you won’t regret it!

Laura F.
Dallas, Texas