Every Mom needs help

Because being a mom is a full-time job

The struggle is real.

Between errands, homework, playdates, lessons, and after-school commitments—never mind your own obligations and interests!—it’s a real juggle to keep your household running smoothly.                    

SitterCentral to the rescue!

SitterCentral is a full-service placement agency that will match your family with the perfect nanny or domestic professional. We help you hire:

Before you know it, you’ll have more time to spend on the things and people you love most!

How does it work?

SitterCentral will expertly match your family with essential household help. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

All candidates are:

Our Placement Advisor is with you every step of the way. They will introduce a  list of qualified candidates, arrange and attend interviews,  provide guidance and input on contract and salary terms, and more. Our goal is to ensure a happy, long-term placement.

Permanent Placement fees vary depending on the specification of your search.

Placement Consulting

If you’ve found a candidate on your own but are lost when it comes to employment contracts and other professional necessities, we can help! As Placement Consultants, we’ll make the process seamless by telling you exactly what to do and how. Put your mind at ease and create the conditions for a happy, long-term relationship.

Placement Testimonials

How SitterCentral Works

Any time a family needs a sitter for an extended period of time every week, this is considered a semi-permanent placement. SitterCentral is here to help you find the best candidate for your family. The fee for this specialized service varies depending on the hours and length of your needs. Contact us for more information and pricing details.

Relax and leave the worrying to us! Your SitterCentral Placement Advisor will guide you through every step of the selection process from assessing your individual needs to determining the requirements of your position.

During the interview process, your Placement Advisor attends interviews and helps you select the ideal candidate. Once a candidate is selected, your Placement Advisor works with you to determine compensation rates, complete an employment contract, and hire the best candidate for your family. Once the candidate has been placed SitterCentral does follow up calls to make sure your placement is running smoothly and assists with any questions or concerns you may have.

Of course! If you need a regular sitter for after-school hours, this is considered a semi-permanent placement. A SitterCentral professional will assist you with this specialized placement. A placement fee will apply after a candidate is selected. Please contact us today to learn more.

SitterCentral provides suggested compensation guidelines for Permanent Placement employees, based on your unique needs and budget. Suggested rates also vary depending on the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

During your initial consultation, your Placement Advisor helps determine your target compensation range by the specifications of the job. After a candidate has been chosen, you determine initial compensation with input from the Placement Advisor. Please contact your Placement Advisor with questions about compensation.

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